Tennessee Titans: Expecting the unexpected is becoming the norm

The Tennessee Titans’ two-week carpet ride came crashing to the turf of Lucas Oil Stadium today.

The Indianapolis Colts (5-5) put together their most complete performance of the season in routing the Titans (5-5) 38-10 today in front of a loud and energetic home crowd.

The Colts came out firing on offense and was suffocating on defense from the onset. In fact, they looked like the Tennessee Titans from a week ago when they handed the Patriots a similar beat down.

Ah yes…the roller coaster ride that is the Titans’ 2018 season, and this is no one week snapshot.

Looking at the season as a whole, I now have a message for Titans fans….

Expect the unexpected for the rest of the season.

Tennessee’s 5-5 record is no shock to anyone who closely follows this team. The shocking thing is how they came to that record.

Before the season started, if you had the benefit of knowing the team would be 5-5 and had to pick the wins, we would have all lost.

Most (including me) would have picked….

WINS: Miami, Jacksonville, Buffalo, Baltimore, Indianapolis

Losses: Houston, Philadelphia, San Diego, Dallas, New England

This is what drives Titans fans crazy. How can a team that beat Houston and Jacksonville with two banged up qbs lose to a struggling rookie qb in Buffalo a week later?

How can a team that only musters 31 total points in three straight losses hang 62 on Dallas and New England, two of the stingiest teams in points allowed, the following two weeks?

And how could a defense that lived in Dak Prescott’s and Tom Brady’s lap the last two weeks fail to even get close enough for a handshake today against Andrew Luck?

This is your 2018 Tennessee Titans ladies and gentlemen. When the world counts them out, they shine. When they’re the hunted and not the hunter, they falter.

There is good news, the Titans are sure to be heavy underdogs for their Monday night match up in Houston.

And we know what that means…..

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