Tennessee Titans: Still learning to handle prosperity

The Tennessee Titans’ three-game winning streak came to a screeching halt today at New Era Field after falling to the Buffalo Bills 13-12.

The loss dropped Tennessee to 3-2 and prevented them from gaining some cushion over Jacksonville (3-2), who also lost today.

While the Titans have a new staff, a new philosophy, and new impact players, the elephant in last year’s locker room is sill standing in the corner….

Tennessee still struggles with handling prosperity.

The Titans opened the season with no one expecting much of them, and no one watching. Tabbed a Vegas underdog in three of their first four games, Tennessee quietly raced to a 3-1 record with huge wins over Jacksonville and Philadelphia.

Huge victories come with national exposure and raised expectations, two things the Titans and their fans have been clamoring for….even as recently as this week.

Today was an opportunity for Tennessee to validate their hot start by disposing of an underdog Bills’ team that has struggled mightily. A move that would send them to 4-1, and into the conversation as serious playoff contenders.

Instead, that opportunity was wasted today with poor tackling, blown opportunities, and turnovers….

Just like last season.

Aided by a four-game win streak, the Titans went 6-1 from October 16th through December 3rd. At 8-4, Tennessee was considered a lock to make the playoffs with upcoming road games against the hapless Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers.

With the world now watching, the Titans dropped both west coast games and went into the regular season finale on a three-game losing streak.

And with everyone now back off the bandwagon, the underdog Titans knocked off Jacksonville to secure a playoff berth, and the heavily favored Chiefs the following week in the playoffs.

Today’s result shouldn’t be a cause for panic among Titans fans. After five games they still lead their division and their playoff aspirations are still firmly in tact.

The next sign of growth is not allowing a speed bump to turn into a cliff, and a win next week against the Baltimore would do just that.

But given the team’s current trend…it probably would be best for Vegas to list them as the underdog next Sunday.

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